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Hookt on Zena fanfic? Ya bet!

* "The Trilogy" by Viv Darkbloomwarning.gif

* "The Bonny Anne" by McJohn

* "Confession" by Sais2Cool

* "Literal Thinking" by Karen Dunnwarning.gif

* "The Blonde" by B.M. Morganwarning.gif

* "Negative Reaction" by Julie Baker Reviewed by Vivian Darkbloomwarning.gif

* "This is a First Time Story" by Temora Reviewed by Brigit M. Morganwarning.gif

* "Dear Booger" by Zuke Reviewed by AngelRadwarning.gif

* "Been There, Done That, Bought the T-shirt" by AngelRad

* "Agape" by Mayt Reviewed by Vivian Darkbloomwarning.gif

* "Better Than Ruling the World" by Xena's Little Bitchwarning.gif

* "To Rest" by B.M. Morganwarning.gif

* "A Narcoleptic's Guide to Romance" by Vivian Darkbloom (as recommended by B.M. Morgan)warning.gif

* "XWP:Apocalypse, Book One" by B.M. Morganwarning.gif

* "Reasons to be Beautiful" by Dominowarning.gif

* "Of Drag Kings and Wheel of Fate" by Susan Smithwarning.gif

* "Habaname" by Ana Ortizwarning.gif lucy.jpg

* "The Charioteer: In the City of Har" by Smittywarning.gif

* "Her Majesty's..." by Vivian Darkbloomwarning.gif

* "Appetite" by Vivian Darkbloomwarning.gif

* "Storms of War" by JLynnwarning.gif

* "Elemental Properties" by CL Bactadwarning.gif

* "Fiction" by Ana Ortizwarning.gif

* "Hesed" by Maytwarning.gif

* "Kwaidan" by Nene Adams (a Creme Brulee recommendation)warning.gif

* "And a Nightingale..." and "Who Was Going to Need an Angel or Two, Anyway?" by The Fallenwarning.gif

* "Puss in Boots" by LaLawarning.gif

* "Conqueror" by Catherine Wilson

* "Strings Attached" by Inyxwarning.gif

* "First Date" by Kamorouskanwarning.gif

* "Wounded" by Tonya Muirwarning.gif

* "When the Land is Dark" by Day

* "One Flew Uber the Chakram's Nest" by Stacia Seamanmr_yuk.gif

* "Hi no Tori" by Quatorzwarning.gif

* "Turning the Wheel" by Mary Morganwarning.gif

* "White Trash Series" by Vivian Darkbloommr_yuk.giflucy.jpg

* "Home Fires" by Roowarning.gif

* "DC" by Lizzy Tendrelucy.jpg

* "Belle, Booke & Kandell" by McJohnwarning.gif

* "Callisto's Antidote" by Friction

* "Lucifer Rising" by Sharon Bowers

* "Look Into My Eyes" by Frostwarning.gif

* "Cobb Island" by Advocate

* "The Hapless Romantic" by Creme Bruleelucy.jpgwarning.gif

* "Venezia" by Vivian Darkbloomwarning.gif

* "The War: An alternative telling of The Price" by Kauri

* "Well of Sighs" by Ella Quince

* "Wedding Night" by Catherine M. Wilson

* "Resistance" by Della Streetwarning.gif

* "A Once and Future Journey" by Temorawarning.gif

* "Lilla's Little Adventure" by Charmer

* "Fires of Home" by Thatpotelove[1].gif

* Exposure by "The Girls"

* "Cooking on High" by Creme Brulee

* "Kill Shot" by Lela Kaunitzlucy.jpglucy.jpg

* "Random Thoughts" by Claire Whitercross

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