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Good Sex, Baby!

* "A Change In Season" by JLynn

* "Unlimited Sexual Favors" by Cephalgia and MJmr_yuk.gif

* "A Simple Twist of Fate" by Rosemary

* "Talking Her Down" by Angelrad

* "Wednesday Afternoon Series" by Mavis Applewater

* "Private Dancer" by Vertigo

* "Working Lunch" by Karen Malevichmr_yuk.gif

* "Stud" by Sarah Berry

* "Prisoner of War" by Kodi Wolf

* "Something I Need" by Rooks

* "Heaven Down There" by Rebecca Hall

* "Triangle" by Zoe

* "Belief" by Troubleshooter

* "CyberEpic" by RedHawk

* "Agony" by Silk & TZ

* "Practical Lies" by J.P.

* "What Do You Do" by Imagine

* "Triptych" Stories by Anima

* "Queen" by L.N. James love[1].gif

Remember - you like something here:
a) Write to the authors, and LET THEM KNOW (maybe they'll write more?)
b) Let me know if you have any recommendations. I'm always up for... expanding my horizons...

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Recommended Stories