Prisoner of War


Kodi Wolf


You know, whenever I heard "Put your arms against the wall, and spread ‘em!" before (not directed at me, of course), I couldn’t help but snicker in that ‘I’m-in-6th-grade-and-someone-said-penis’ kind of a way. I mean, it just begs for a smart retort of the sexual kind, just like someone asking ‘You wanna go down for lunch?’ would. Like, duh!


Keeping that in mind, and knowing my penchant for all things uniformed (though not ‘technically’ applicable to this story), it will soon become quite clear why this offering by Kodi has… piqued my imagination… It also piqued some other parts of me, but we won’t delve on that.

I am really not sure what else to tell you about this story. I love the concept, though I’m a bit miffed at Kodi for writing a story that made me recant my recent statement that I am not attracted to things SciFi. Still, in a galaxy far, far away, in a place deep, deep inside… Who could resist? You just gotta go find out for yourself. Go boldly, and all that.

Go read, enjoy yourself, and berate Kodi afterwards for not writing more despite her promise.


Anyone else snicker at "she gently guided her fingers to her vagina"? And, mind you, I watched "The Vagina Monologues"! Twice! Even read the book! But still… Vagina. Heh.

Prisoner of War


My heartfelt thanks to Deej and Kim for their recommendation. Though they both recommended "Xena: Warrior Slave", I found this one to be more to my liking, but I might not have discovered Kodi and her many wiles without them.