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You've all been there, done that, but (obviously) I like the redundancy:

(And in no particular order - I couldn't figure a way to sort these to save my life)

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PinkRabbit Consortium

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Lunacy's Reviews

Xena Fan Fiction



A very, very cool site, indeed. Not only is it hosting what will turn out to be two of my most favorite uber stories, this site has a great concept behind it as well. Got a story idea, but not quite sure how to go about it? Bring it to the Inkubator. This is a site for writers who are having trouble being writers. Meaning - you need constructive criticism, beta reading, general story help - well, you've come to the right place. Apparently, these folks are serious about what they do, because the writing I've been exposed to on Inkubator's been some of the finest I've had the pleasure to read. They're hosting two excellent cross-over Ubers (with more hopefully to come), but I won't tell you more because I want you to go and check it out yourself. Also, the stories are as of now still in the hatchling stage, so there's not too much to get all excited about yet. But I'm doing it anyway.
Ok, go, explore, and make sure you drop a note to McJohn - a fine chap if I ever had the pleasure of conversing with one.

Shady Ladies Press, Inc.

Combine two of my favorite authors - Nene Adams and Ruth Colbourne - add some excellent writing, fix up with great art-work, sprinkle with humor, and what do you get? You get a site for an independent publishing company focusing on producing works by lesbian authors. You'll find some familiar names over there, and much potential. Go support your literary lesbians, order a book or two. And bug Ruth about writing more.

Strangers in Paradise

Ooooh, I couldn't resist. At first blush, this comic book has *nothing* to do with Xena. Why would Xenalicious then bother you about a comic book written by a man?
Trust me. (And if you do, go get your head checked out, k?)
First off, there are two main female characters, one tall brunette and one short blonde, accompanied by a clueless male. Second, as if that didn't get your ears all perked up, Mr. Terry Moore, is not your regular comic book artist. Nope. No skin-tight lycra-suits and megalomaniac weapons. Not a superhero in sight. We have three "normal" (I do use that term loosely) people and a love story. With pictures. Drawings (try saying *that* with a Boston accent!). The artwork involved is beautiful, the story is moving, and stripped down off the intricacies of a suspenseful plot, "Strangers in Paradise" boils down to a wonderfully written love story. Mr. Moore's even created a Xena spoof in one of his issues, which will be doubly funny after you've gotten to know his characters. Honestly, this will be worth your time and effort (and money) and just for the record - I do not read comics. Haven't since I was 10. But I subscribe to this one.
If you are interested in issue-by-issue reviews, go to Lunacy's site - she's got a hankering for this one as well.

Brulee's Lesbian Primer

Made me ashamed. It truly did. All these movies, stories, books out there, and was I aware of them? Noooo. But Brulee comes to the rescure. Bored on a Friday night (and if you're reading this, it happens more times than you care to admit) - hop on down there and find a suggestion or five for a nice movie or a book. You read books, don't you?
And, no, I didn't put Brulee's link here just because I'm one of the Xena fan fic sites she listed! I had a few other reasons as well...

Xena: Virtual Season VII

Um, I can't tell you much about this as of yet, except that they've gotten me mightily intrigued. I guess it's a good start. Then again, I've been intrigued by such things as flashing lights and personal hygiene commercials before, so...