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For your... reading pleasure:

Ok, folks, in all seriousness (or as much as I'm capable of) now:
I've compiled (and still very much working on it) this list of stories as a tribute to all the wonderful writers out there. I am well aware that you have all seen these names before and read many, many of these stories already, but I created this page as a tribute <hide> And not because *I* think that *my* opinion is truly all that matters!/<hide>, so bear with me here.

The stories listed have either made me laugh out loud all the way through, or have left me thinking about them long after I've finished them or have "just" made me appreciate English language all over again. Then again, some of them have simply left me glaze-eyed, panting and in total state of physical disarray and as good a literary gems as they might be, I can assure you I have little recollection of such things as, er, character development...

I will be adding to the list constantly, as much as my brain-cell depleted memory will permit, and - hopefully - with your help. Input and suggestions are much valued.

That said, do enjoy:

If you have any stories/sex (yes, please!) to share, e-mail me at:


One thing - Links to recommended stories lead to my review first, and then at the bottom, you can link to the actual story. (Wouldn't want you skipping my accolades, would we now?)

Ok - these are my little warning icons. If you see the following, beware:


One or both characters admit to having had heterosexual relationships. (I *guess* we can't hold it against them...)


The Author dares to depict one or both characters as mere (read - flawed) human beings. Gasp!


Major mushiness alert! Beware!


Warning, Warning! *NO* explicit sex depictions in this story. If this is illegal where you come from, good for you!

Excellent Stories (Alternative)

- Excellent Alternative Stories

Excellent Stories (General)

- Excellent General Stories



Excellent Literary Examples of "Woman to Woman" love set in Xena Fan Fiction Genre (aka - What you've been looking for, baby!)

- Hubba-hubba!

Thanks to MaryD's site and Maxim for eye candy!