Mmm…  You know, I’m good at confessions, too.  Honest.  For instance, did you know that it was I who put a tack, sharp side up, on my math teacher’s chair in third grade?  I bet you did not.  Nor were you aware of the fact that I liked to steal big, shiny (‘gaudy’ did not become a part of my internal dictionary till 7th grade, unfortunately) coat buttons from the department store as a pre-pubescent Xenalicious.  Nope!  Ignorant, the lot of you!  And these - them! - are the intricacies that make the deliciously convoluted enigma that is I!


Well, had you been privy to such knowledge, maybe things would have panned out differently for us, dear reader.  Maybe.  As it is, I’m forced to hide my button-picking indiscretions in half-fictionalized tales of youthful debauchery (I even smoked cigarettes on the sly at fifteen!), while some other maven out there is fully and proudly living it all out in front of grand millions, kissing Marge on national TV and doin’ it again, with nary an ‘Oops!’ of apology!  *pant, pant*




So, this story’s cool, much like the author herself claims to be, with even a sharp point or two to be gleaned within.  Something about guilt and forgiveness, penance and darkness, some guilt-ridden grrl-on-grrl action of the truly repressed kind, and stuff.  Well-written.  Poignant, even.  The entire history of the Gabrielle and Xena Relationship (yes, capital R, matey) finely wrought out in a short story.  I really enjoyed S2C’s take on it, thus – naturally – so will you.


Go, read, and be sure to drop a literary kind of thanks in the author’s inbox.


(And I stayed out past my curfew, too!  Twice!)