Callisto’s Antidote







Oh, my, dear, god.

Wh… sh… wuh?





Um. I am going to put this story under the ‘Great Alt Stories’ category (as opposed to sending it, express, to ‘Hubba-hubba’), *only* because the writing and the plot are excellent. Tremendous. Great. With wonderful, believable characterization of not only Gabrielle and Xena, but also of Callisto. Astounding. However – with unparalleled pleasure – I will also tell you that the ending scene is one of the best culminations of a ‘first-time’ story I’ve ever read. "Dauntingly hot" hardly does it any justice as an apt description. Apt understatement would be more like it.

Ok. Whew. "Callisto’s Antidote" is one of the first Xena fan fic stories I’ve read that I *remember* reading. As in – I’m sure I’ve read plenty stories before this one, but I actually remember sitting at my friend’s computer in her dorm room a few years back, after I’ve read the last paragraph, going - "Jennifer, dear, something cold, and do make it quick, ok?" The squeakiness in my voice alerted her to the seriousness of the situation, so she obliged without a question, and then proceeded to read the story herself.

As you might have noticed, the effect is still pretty much the same. Except, I have to go get my own beer now.

This is by far the best story Friction has written. It’s suspensful, wonderfully written, sexy, and shows author’s innate understanding of the characters. Not to mention it had me laughing out loud as well (especially a specific quip by Xena at the end – you’ll know which one).

Since this is really not a review site (out of the simple fact that I’m lazy and don’t like to invest neither time nor effort into such a thing) – but a recommendations one – I won’t tell you about plot intricacies, twists and turns or literary inflections. You are simply going to take my word (if you haven’t read the story yet) that this read will most definitely be worth your time. Cause I know best.


Callisto's Antidote