First Date




This has to be one of my favoritest Kam stories, and I’ve read a few of them. I did. I’m a fan. Though, I have to admit it has taken me some time to fully get over the "Crying Game" kind of shock after I realized that Kamouraskan, indeed, is a man.

No, really.

Yeah, yeah, that’s what I said – how can a *guy*, no matter how sensitive and New Age he may be, write such excellent, poignant, funny, but most of all, like, right on Xena fan fiction? What is this world coming to? Should we start expecting the toilet seat to be lowered down as well? Lord!

But it’s true – one of the most prolific and established authors in the Xena fan fic realm is not a woman, it’s a man, man! Not that I’m dwelling on that or anything…

But, back to "First Date". An excellent short story. A vignette really, but with enough feeling and wit in it to keep you more than satisfied. A characteristic of Kam’s body of work, wonderful Xena and Gabrielle characterizations, are present in full force. This is a tender story, a vision of the kind of future Xena and Gabrielle deserved to see together.

Go ahead, you’ll like it. I promise. Oh, and make sure you thank the boy for it, k? J


First Date