"Cooking on High"


Crème Brulee



For a "serious" review of "Cooking on High" by yours truly, go here. However, if you’re here, not because you care about the story, but for my unprecedented wit, read on:

One thing I should make clear right now – reading this story has really created the tendrils of the idea that spurred this website. So, go blame it on Brulee, ok?

Les’see… Yes, it’s an Uber. No, it’s not (sigh!) explicit – and after all that hinting about extraordinary taste buds, too. What is it, you might ask – it’s funny as all hell, is what it is. Why is hell funny, you might add? (Noisy Bastard!) I don’t know, but when I find out, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, read the damned story and stop asking me questions! Geez! Do you want to hear about it or not?


Ok. (Yes, I do have a prescription to curb these little voices in my head, but it clashes with my medicine for Turret’s Syndrome. Win some, lose some, I guess).

Where was I? Cooking, right. You know, why can’t I find a woman like that? Has her own restaurant *and* loves to eat in her spare time? Why? Cause she’s purely fictional, that’s why! But I’m not dwelling. At all. Ach. Now I’m gonna get all depressed. Just go read the story, k?

Cooking on High