Vivian Darkbloom


You know what I haven't done in a while? Pampered my "It's redundant and obvious and I love it!" streak.

It has been *ages* since I last stood up and exclaimed, "The Earth is round!" Days have passed since the last instance of me leaning in to whisper to a coworker, "You know, I have heard that coffee, especially the kind with caffeine in it, is a fairly good way to keep oneself awake during department meetings." Why, it must have been a week now since I've calmly replied, to the question of "Do you know what time it is?" with "GWB Jr. is a stupidly moronic idiot."

Senile I may be, but I think I might be starting to forget things in my old age.

So, in order to make up for such lapses, I shall indulge in *both* redundant and obvious, by telling you how great the story "Appetite" by that Darkbloom individual is. Her writing is impeccable, emotions tuned and finely wrought, like delicate latticework on ancient Etruscan jewelry. The mood of the story is palpable, felt like the ache of a wound ill-healed - a feeling both comforting and chilling in the knowledge that though worst may be over, for the flip side of every blessing is a curse, the pain of it will never leave. And what can wound one more than loss of an all-consuming love?

Vivian has exposed the depth of her talent, yet again, by expounding on a classic story, re-casting over-used moral conclusions of a too-familiar myth in a new light, while combining it with a seemingly non-related storyline. This was all done with masterful execution and to a deeply reverberating conclusion.

Go read it, and thank the author. Also, while you're at it, see if Viv would be up to redoing some more old-time favorites. Some suggestions may be "Hanzel and Grettel" - on an amateur psychoanalytical level, I'd love to see how she would interpret the act of *eating* the witch's house. Or, like, wouldn't you want to see Vivian do "Moby Dick"? (Har!)

Ok, sorry. Sugar withdrawal will do it to me every time.

Go read. Go. Git!