The Blonde


Brigit M. Morgan


You've watched the show. You've loved the basic principle, the action, the Relationship. You've read the fan fiction. You feel you *know* the characters.

Intricate, complex as they may be, there are still the few basic truths, the tenets on which everything is based; Xena is a marked woman, stained by her past, beyond repair it seems. And Gabrielle - her compass, the one true thing in the warrior's life, the guiding light. Gabrielle, the quietly, doggedly noble human being. Gabrielle, the one who unwaveringly remains true to herself and her beliefs, her way of love, even when she is forced to defend herself and her loved ones, even when she's cornered into taking a life. Especially then.

Everyone knows that much, right?


What if we say that the same is true of Gabrielle - as far as Xena is concerned? What if, for Gabrielle, Xena is the one true thing in her life, her guiding light? We would not be off the mark with that statement, correct?

What, pray tell, do you think would happen to Gabrielle should the one true thing in her life be erased then? Her guiding light extinguished? Can you imagine it? Would you dare?

It's desolate place to exist in. It's a wet towel pressed tight against your face and a slow, crushing weight lowered on your chest. It is knowing you are dead, decaying, and yet having to live out the entropy day by day. Death in installments.

It's all in this story.

You won't recognize this Gabrielle. You won't like this Gabrielle. You will mourn for this Gabrielle, though she still lives. You will wish her dead, though you still love her.

And most of all, dear reader, you will want to strangle Brigit M. Morgan. Oh, I promise you, you will - after you reach the last page and catch your breath. You will want her to take back each and every silver-tongued word, each and every anguish-scented scene and all that pain welling out from of every paragraph.

You might have gleamed by now that this is not what we'd call in the business an 'easy read'. Morgan has a soul of a cursed prophet and a tongue of a soulful muse and such an ear for beauty. It would, really, be a pity to dispatch her, however much she might deserve it. So, do read the story. And, instead of tracking her down and dragging her behind your horse for a few (thousand) kilometers for what she did to poor Gabrielle, just bitch a bit at her via email - she's Canadian and is bound to be awfully apologetic about her talent.

Now go, and enjoy.

The Blonde