Ana Ortiz



Xena fan fiction with brains. And guts. And I’m not talking the kind that gets spilled out on the battlefield.

I still haven’t quite found the words to describe this work by Ms. Ortiz so I won’t be doing much describing here. What I will tell you is that if you love originality and excellent writing, you will not want to miss this one out. This story’s left me reeling. The interesting part is that I don’t know yet with what. Reeling with shame? Elation? Some other undefined emotion?

The opening paragraph left me slightly bemused and *not* because I take up Xena’s name in vain. Or in the dark. Then the following ones took the away bemusement and, when I finally figured out what was going on, replaced it with awe.

You know, I’ve waited some time now to write a recommendation for this story because I thought time would help me find the words to do it justice. Now I think that even waiting for G.W.B. Jr. to develop a brain would not help me find the right words.

This is not a classical X:WP tale. It’s not a funky uber. It’s a story that redefines a connection between two souls in a wholly different and original and absolutely beautiful manner. Talk about a new spin on ‘sticks and stones…’

Enjoy it.

And please, please, let Ana know her offering’s appreciated.

"Fiction" by Ana Ortiz