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Half Baked Offerings and Regurgitated Themes

Not that you asked for, but here it is. Some of you might be aware of the story I started writing some long three years ago, "Lack of Providence". Most of you don't. For those that asked me, I am afraid that, as of now, that story is on permanent hiatus. I won't say I will *never* finish it, since there are no limits to what a bored mind can conjure, but I haven't written anything "LoP" related in almost two years.
This page is basically a big "This is why" explanation - it will show you that I am the poster child for ADD, 'cept pills don't help in my case. I have a small gazillion ideas that take off and, after a week or two of honeymoon excitement, pull an Icarus and crash and burn. Really, it's a gift. I never finish anything.

What I would also like to do here is try and get some of these stories kick-started again. In translation, if you read something you like here, really can see it going somewhere, and consider yourself adventureous (read: elementaly disturbed), you can drop me a line and either try and convince me that all a specific story needs is a joint effort (and I think a few of these would lend themselves nicely to such a thing), or tell me what you see happening in terms of plot and/or character development, and take it upon yourself to take over/finalize any of the stories here (with the exception of "LoP" - it's my baby, though I did abandon it).
I know this is somewhat unusual, but I never planned on making any kind of profit on these, and I was raised as a hippie, so I know *all* about comunal effort, and since I'm too lazy to finish them, hell...
In any case, let me know if any of this tickles your fancy.

Final Note: Standard disclaimers apply to all the fiction below, namely - They're mine, all mine, but I'm willing to share *if* you ask nicely. Since we're talking about products of my mind, don't expect anything tame and subtle to follow. Then again, you wouldn't be here if you wanted tame and subtle.
Also, with the exception of the two finished stories and "LoP", none of the stuff below has been proofed or graced with the attention of a Beta. Deal.

The Rare and The Unusual

*Finished* stories, oh my!

Miss Amphipolis

Surprisingly enough (riiiiight...) the only two 'stories' that I finished so far are both very short and very... plot-less. This was my first (writing) foray into the world of PWP. Having been a connoisseur of racy Xena fan fic for many a year, it only seemed natural to try my own hand (oh, this pun was very much intended) at writing one of them babies. Really not much to say here, besides that - again, surprisingly enough - this story was very much inspired by watching the X:WP episode "Miss Amphipolis". Hope you enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoyed writing it...

One of Those Days

My other PWP. Early on, I realized that classical Xena fan fiction is just beyond me to write. It was not really so much the idea of trying to follow in the footsteps of some of the finest writers out there (if you've been paying attention to the bulk of this website, you know who I'm talking about), as the simple fact I could not get myself to use the word "britches" on a regular basis.
So, instead of writing the ever-popular campfire scene, I stuck to the Uber-genre and wrote the ever-popular bathroom scene. Yes, that is my offering to the world of fan fiction. Sadly, as it turns out, this particular bathroom scene fell far below the necessary smutiness mark, but hey. I'll try better next time.

Our Grand Western Adventure

I want you all to know right now that I'm posting this up only because it's finished. Done. Kaput. Complete. That doesn't happen often with me, so it's a noteworthy occasion. This was actually written as an entry for the Academy's Third Bard Challenge. Note of warning - I haven't won the competition, I haven't gotten squat out of it, and I believe I know the reason - there is no explicit sex in this story. None. At all. It's actually, if I were to describe it in a sentence, a silly PWP with no 'action' in it.
Yeah, I know.


A mental fart, or 'what happens when Xenalicious tries to think of reasons not to iron the laundry whilst listening to waaaaay too much Dar Williams'.
That ought to be warning enough.

Afternoon Meanderings

This came out in honor of the Month of May. Why? If I tell you that May is the National Month of Masturbation, all should become clear. If not, be sure to check the disclaimer before you proceed. Mwa-ha-ha-haaa...

The Dredges of My Mind

The Bad, The Ugly, and The Unfinished. (No, seriously.)

La Negra Muerte

Uh. Two words. Angelina Jolie. Or, how about these two words: "Tomb Raider"? In any case, I saw the movie and this came out of it.

13 Shades of Gray

This one is my attempt at being deep and meaningful. Sadly, as you will see, so far it has been anything but. I do like the idea, though.


Ech. Fairly unimaginative, but I posted it here so you can see that I, too, am but a mere human.

The Fast and The Furious, Xenalicious style

Just a hatchling, don't even have a title for it yet, but I think the idea might be interesting to play with. At least - I am not aware that this particular incarnation of Xena's been done yet but, amazingly enough, I could be wrong.

My Baby...

Who says first time don't matter?

Lack of Providence

Off the net for the time being - fixing it up in expectation of writing more and - finally - finishing it.
Keep you updated, I promise.
Tale of star cross'd lovers this ain't, but I had a great time writing it, and I got some wonderful feedback on it. I do harbour immense guilt over not completing it (I do!), so there is a pretty good chance that I'll get back to Ariana and Marissa at some point, though I make no promises. Unless they're of the "I *will* still respect you in the morning" kind...

I am *not* the type who can dish it out but can't take it in, despite what my friends say. So...