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...or "a place where it doesn't take you long to find a good sex scene"...

Have you ever read a story that you loved so much you just needed to tell every (okay, all two of them) friend you know about it?
Well, seeing how Xenalicious knows best and has magnanimously decided to share her wealth of knowledge about such pertinent things as really good Xena Fan Fiction stories and - much more importantly - stories with good sex scenes in them (cause, face it, why else would we read most of this stuff?), you have found yourself here.
In my realm.

Interested? Well of course you are.

I'd like to think most of this stuff is self-explanatory, but let me underline one important fact of life here: "It's supposed to be fun! As in 'ha-ha' kind of fun!" So, relax, 'k?
And enjoy...

Violet Book, Turning

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Delectable, isn't she?

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...as in - read something you liked and can't find it here? Well, shucks, sweeheart, do let me know, k?

Thanks to MaryD's site and Maxim Magazine for the eye candy!