Talking Her Down




Think you're neurotic?

Think you're a slob? Think your neighbors don't like you, your job sucks, you're a social failure and you'll never get laid?


This story is for you, then. Either that, or it's the most unique way of dealing with an potentially deadly circumstance I've ever seen. Talk about a creative way of diffusing a "Ohmygod, she's going to jump!" situation…

This is also - a fact of which you might not be aware - a first smutly attempt of the artist known as Angelrad. It's kinda obvious, if you ask me. Not because the smut presented isn't written well, god forbid, or hot - it is, it is - both written *very* well and quite… arousing. What gives it away as a first, then? Simple. Angelrad actually, believe it or not, also included a *plot* with this story. A plot! An honest to god, set-up to conflict to resolution plot!

Tsk. I guess, though, for it being her first time, we shouldn't hold it against her. I mean, other than the audacity to distract us with a plot, one really doesn't have anything to complain about with this story. It's funny. It's engaging. It flows easily and is written very well. I mean, aside from the fact that it could have used a few more descriptive expressions, like, gosh, I don't know - "molten flares of her desire", or "beaver's hidden jewel", or even (my personal favorite) "tender-flowered sacredness of her swollen yoni", this is an all around great read.

Go. G'wan and enjoy yourself. And remember - when you write to Ms. Angelrad - don't nag her about the plot, just tell her what you loved about the story. (Oh, and mention the yoni part, will ya?)


Talking Her Down by Angelrad