Strings Attached




Okay. This story has no sex in it. It barely hints at it. Also, it's a tale of two straight women dealing with an unexpected pregnancy of one of them. Two straight women. A pregnancy. No sex.

No, I haven't lost my mind, ye unfaithful.

Okay, so there is still no sex, no matter what. And, yes, the story centers on a developing fetus. But - here's the good part - by the end of the story the women are not straight anymore. And now, if you were to extrapolate that to real life - a gorgeous pregnant green-eyed blonde, a gorgeous tall blue-eyed brunette, straight - coming to their senses and crossing over from the dark side, you can see why this story appealed to me.

Well, that, and the fact it's funny as hell. Really. I mean, if it doesn't have sex, if it doesn't have angst, it's gotta have *something* to keep my attention. This one's got humor. Lots of it. And it's got gorgeous straight women turning gay - most important.

It's funny ha-ha, go read it.

Strings Attached