Something I Need




You know, a long time ago (last Thursday) I promised myself not to give in to the stereotype, not to do the expected, not to buy beer when I really wanted Boones. Not To Be Predictable.


So, what do we have for your enjoyment here today? A wonderful sestina glorifying nature’s beauty? An essay on the resonant quality of the South Californian grape? An in depth article exposing the breadth of corruption in the highest echelons of the Dunkin Donuts managerial staff?

Hardly. This is a *Xena Fan Fiction* review site, after all.

You might go on to guess – Is it another short angst-filled piece showing us a darker, valuably more sinister side to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle?


Could it be another hot PWP sporting Xenalicious’s favorite bedside implement?

No, dear readers, even though I was unable to avoid falling in the pit of predictability, I was able to prevent myself from giving you less than you deserve. This story is neither of the two scenarios mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

It is both.

Rooks has taken the first encounter our heroines had with Najara and took it waaay out of context. Or has she? Reminiscent of stories "Random Thoughts" by Claire Whitercross and "The War" by Kauri, this short little gem – though hot – opens to us the depths of darkness found in the space between (I am *not* a Dave Matthews fan!… Ok, so maybe a small one…) Xena’s rage and Gabrielle’s forgiveness.

An insightful read. Yes, that’s it! Insightful. And intense. And short. Just like I like ‘em. Short and sweet. And dark. Yet insightful.

Did I mention they use a dildo?

Something I Need