Reasons to be Beautiful





You know, when Her Majesty speaks, people pucker up and listen.  Or is it pucker up and bend over?  You’ll have to excuse my lack of coordination and spatial orientation, laws of physics just seem not to hold when the Divine One opens Her delectable mouth to impart wisdom upon us mere mortals.


Basically, Viv (that’s *Ms.* Vivian Darkbloom to you, peasant) recommended this one to me.  So, naturally, I read it.  And then I passed the link on.  And now, some four months later, it dawned on me I could actually write a recommendation.  Huh.  Funny how that works…


Anyway, not to get off subject at hand (whatever it may be), let me tell you about the story.


This is, as far as I can tell, the first offering of the internet kind for Domino.  And should you read the description offered for the story (“This story is about a heterosexual wife and mother, who is bored with her everyday life, until a neighbor (single female) moves in next door, adding a bit of spice to her other mundane existence.”), you might just pass on it, much as I did the first time it got posted.

Don’t.  Go back and read it.


Though listed as an “Original Work” (read - *not* uber), and probably slated for real-world publication in its not-too-far future, you will be able to find quite a number of similarities of the main characters to “those two glorious ladies we so adore”.


And, like, if that weren’t enough, the story’s like, dude, really cool!  Well written.  Moving.  Articulate.  Sexy.  Real.  And – hello – recommended by She Who Walks on Water herself!


I won’t tell you much more because a) I’m too lazy to type much more and b) the original intro for the story, dry as it is, does tell you all you need to know.  For starters.  I will warn you, the story has a kick to it.  And not just because all the tequila.


Enjoy it.


Another big thanks to Vivian for recommending this one.  Thank you, Anastasia, may your beaver be a well-petted animal.


Reasons to be Beautiful