L.N. James



Riiiight. What can I tell you about this one? I can tell you this - L.N. shoulda put in a link to "Good Vibrations" right after the end of this story and haggled for a cut in the earnings for all the nipple clamps and dildo sales that followed. Dear Lord!

Wheee. Don't let the slow start fool you - all that slow dancing and loving battling of wills in the first part (though sticky, sweetly nice) really doesn't prepare you for the mouth-watering delight that follows after our heroines withdraw to the bedroom. Go L.N.!

Oh, ok. So this is a PWP (imagine that!) with Xena and Gabrielle entering into a friendly bet. Can the bard get the warrior to submit? Whe-he-hell... Let me tell you, I think I might have to play the big bad warrior and the sweet little bard game too now (Oh, get over yourself! You're in the *sex* section of this review site, so don't play innocent with me!)

All in all, since there is really no reason to try and analyze the plot in *this* story, I have to say that (once you get used to all the mushy stuff), this is one of the hottest stories I've read in my young, yet amazingly experienced life. Seriously, L.N., next time, think about the link to the sex shop idea. If not for profit, just to assist all the poor souls who'll need an outlet after reading a story like that.

PS - As I said, the really good stuff comes in Part 2, so the more curios of yous can skip straight to that one.