Practical Lies




What to say about this offering by J.P.? I like her work. I do. A lot. However, out of a number of stories she’s written, "Practical Lies" stuck in my mind, and mind you – not because of witty repartee between the characters (which there is plenty of), not because of great writing style (which it is), but due to this one particular scene which involves a tall brunette, a short blonde, a dildo and two dogs.


Okay. So, the dogs *are* present, though not involved in the acrobatics of this particular sex scene, but I got your attention, didn’t I? Charlie and Wade (and, yes, they are women, despite what the names might indicate) are horny and hot for each other, and in between all those sparks, there is some mob involvement, government shenanigans, chase scenes and lots of shootings. Not a bad story.

So, now that I got that little detail out of the way – please fast forward to Chapter 4 (riiiight at the bottom), and enjoy the call of the wild. J.P.’s very good at it. Er, in writing, I mean. I cannot attest for anything else. Or, I guess, you, like, could just go ahead and read the whole story, huh?

Suit yourself... Practical Lies