“And a Nightingale” and

“Who Was Going to Miss an Angel or Two Anyway”


The Fallen




I have a penchant for the more troubled, twisted side of things.  I do.  For instance – I do not wear pink.  And not just cause I’m butch as all hell.  I don’t hum or whistle jauntily (my tone-deafness has nothing to do with it).  I do not smile at passersby.  And I never, ever pass on a tortured Xena fan fic.


Especially not, dear readers, when it’s a Mel & Janice piece.  I mean, unlike other Ubers and Classic XWP stories, Mel and Janice never seem to lend themselves well to a tortured relationship.  Yeah, so there’s some depressing WWII and concentration camp material in some of the stories out there, but – by and large – the relationship between those two women is always timid at first and perfect at second blush.


Why is that?  Why not the angst-ridden melodramatics of other genres?  Why not the pain and mental-games?  What are they, too wholesome?


Not in the mind of The Fallen, they’re not.


Don’t look for bubbly or happily ever after here.  Don’t look for eternity.  You won’t find it.  What you will find is an original idea and masterful execution.  I can’t tell you of the plot because suspense is the beauty of these stories. “Who Was Going to Miss an Angel or Two Anyway” is…  I’m kinda at loss of words here, so I’d recommend you just go read it.  If for nothing else then for the way in which the title carries the story.  Masterful.



“And a nightingale” is the first story written, “Who Was Going to Miss an Angel or Two Anyway” being a follow-up on it.  Read them in order.


And a nightingale...

Who Was Going to Need an Angel or Two Anyway