Cobb Island




You know, I can try to be all spunky (my usual cute self), try to find a hook with this story, make fun of the writing in a very gentle, yet engaging manner, but – hell, it’d just take too much effort.

See, this story is just too damn good. I mean, for Heaven’s sake, Advocate made teenage heterosexual sex almost sound… cute. Touching. Ew.

But – don’t you dare press the Back button – teenage heterosexuals are not the reason I’m reviewing this story. Female homosexuals are. And there are some here. Four, to be exact.

And before you go on having a (nice, appealing) dirty thought about four women, pervert, it’s not like that. Geez! What I meant to say is, we have TWO sets of two women each. Not together. Not all at once.

And, yes, yet again, I’m not making any sense, but would you expect anything less? (Don’t answer that).

What we do have in this story is excellent story-telling, interesting plot, and lots of wonderfully drawn out sexual frustration. Not only between hetero teens, mind you. Kayla is taking her baby sister Marcy on a weekend outing to meet her boyfriend, Doug. Doug is also, imagine that, being chaperoned by his older, lesbian, blonde sister.

The catch is that Kayla (at least Advocate didn’t name her Carrie. Though that would have been funny. Ha-ha kind of funny) is a woman who possesses many skills of the paranormal kind. As in "Oooh, I can see ghosts!" or "Whoops, your shirt just lifted up? But I was all the way at the other end of the room…" or "I can read your mind, and yes, these *are* real, thank you very much…"

You get the idea.

So, the lot of them go for the weekend to a haunted island, end up having sex (separately, perverts), and discovering many interesting things about lesbian ancestors and paranormal stuff. Including how to have an orgasm-induced mind-meld. Really, it’s a ‘you have to read it for yourself’ kind of thing.

In conclusion, despite what you might have gleamed from all of the above, Advocate writes a mean story. This one is funny, engaging, and pretty damn interesting. Not a bad concept either. Despite teen hetero sex. I could have done without that. It’s kinda like my parents – I’m sure they’ve done "it", but I don’t need to dwell on the fact, you know?

Thumbs up. Way up.

(I am so sorry, but I’ve wanted to say that for the *longest* time…)

Cobb Island