Heaven Down There


Rebecca Hall



I just *love* this title. Now, I’m sorry – no matter what the context, no matter what the song lyric from which you extracted the line meant to say – this title has a life of its own, and I’m sure a lot of folks followed the link simply due to these three little words…

I have to say, the story to follow more than lives up to it. This is what I would call a "classic" fan fiction story. Classic in the sense that it’s been around for quite some time and has stood the test. Is still as appetizing as ever. This could however simply be my own melancholy talking, since I do have a penchant for well-written first-time stories. See, it’s all about Gabrielle’s determination to woo despite her innocence and Xena’s ferocious protectiveness. So sweet. So clueless. Such a nice setup for a great story.

In this offering Rebecca has given a new spin to the phrase ‘breakfast in bed’. It’ll make you hungry. Quite ravenous, even. Friskiness tends to be an unavoidable side effect as well. Beware.

One thing I should make clear at this point is – this story is not a PWP. Far from it. "Heaven Down There" (heh) is a story revolving around a budding romance between the Bard and the Warrior, but we have battles, jealousy, suspense and lots of other good things in there. It is really a very sweet story (what, you thought I couldn't do mushy? I can!), with nice portrayals of both Xena and Gabrielle. Oh, and there is sex. Of course. I mean, come on – "Heaven Down There"? Plus, it’s Rebecca Hall. Rebecca knows how to show you a good time.

Don’t take my word for it. Go, look, become a believer… in heaven…

Oh, and Rebecca’s been mum for quite some time now, go prod her, tell her how good she is. She’ll like it. It’s the least you can do after reading this, trust me.

Heaven Down There