Of Drag Kings and

The Wheel of Fate


Susan Smith (Smitty)


Yeeee-haw!  Giddy up, sweetlings, and hold on tight.  I mean it.  I'm about to send you off on a wild, rollicking, exhilarating ride, and when you dismount you'll be sore at all the right places and - I assure you - you'll be grinning widely.


Nope, not a Western.  Not a "poor young jockey and a wealthy horse owner" story either.  Matter of fact, no equestrian anywhere in sight.  Having said that, I do admit that the opening allusion is a miserably misdirected one, but - what the hell - I don't feel like changing it now.  One thing is true, though - this story *will* exhilarate you, it *will* keep you up in awed anticipation the night before you're supposed to make a very important (and therefore somewhat lucid) presentation at work, it *will* make your buttocks numb and your eyes dry.  You.  Will.  Love.  It. 


Under one condition: You must believe in soulmates. 


Taryn and Rosalind are most unlikely of couplings.  A twenty year old drag king with enough baggage to last her through the next lifetime and a half and a thirty-three year old college professor, freshly divorced and - to the best of her knowledge - straight.


Jerry Springer material or just another day in Buffalo?


Well, I ain't done yet.  Hows about we introduce to the mix a host of old, familiar characters under new guises, witchcraft, great sex, past-life misdemeanors, transsexuals, drag queens and frost it all with tremendous love and talent for writing?


You getting the idea yet?


Our star-cross'd lovers must battle socially-bred insecurities, bad karma from the last time around, homophobia, ageism, gender issues, burden of fate and, in the midst of it all, still manage to have mind-blowing, soul-melding sex.  No small feat.


Smitty here, as you will see, manages to pull it all off with such seeming ease, each word she imprints on the screen imbued with a life of its own, that you will find yourself re-reading certain sentences and shivering with awed chills.  There is no fault with characterization, with evocative imagery, moving descriptions, breathtaking emotions.  Having said that, one of my friends to whom I've forwarded the story read the first few chapters and then replied, and I quote: "I'm sorry, but I just couldn't stomach all that soulmates crap.  Gag me with a pitchfork!  Ew!"  This from a woman who cannot find the perfection that is Angelina Jolie attractive.  That should tell you a lot about her…


And on that note, beware, be ready, find some comfy pillows and go read.  And make sure you drop Smitty a line or two.  It's bad ju-ju if you don't, you'll come back as a Republican in your next life!


Of Drag Kings...