The Bonny Anne





McJohn, dearest readers, is a woman of innumerable talents, some of which include causing generous bosoms to heave, beautiful women to spew trite poetics and trite poets to feel like beautiful women.  And we are not talking just about one of her stories here.  She’s served as an unfaltering point of inspiration and source of encouragement for more than one of the authors that have been reviewed on this site.  AND she looks hot in a purple nylon jump-suit.


And then there’s her writing…


One of the very first stories I read by this literary enchantress was “The Bonny Anne” – way back when it was just a fledging lil’ story with nary a chapter finished.  If I had to use my brain to make an attempt at chronological computation, I would say that was some two years ago.  And why, you inquire, do I – a person whose unachievable goal is to attain the attention span of a gnat - still pester the poor woman regularly for updates to this story?  For two years?  Attention span of a gnat?  Why?


Let me tell you.


Sword-fights, heaving bosoms enmeshed in tight corsets, adventure on the high seas, witty repartee, glorious writing, gorgeous babes, heaving bosoms of the gorgeous babes freed from tight corsets, and – last but not least – it’s a McJohn story.  Like, hello?  Duh!


Having said all that, I’ve really said nothing at all about this story, so just take my word and go read it.  You won’t regret it.


Oh, and, dearest?  Be sure to drop McJohn a line of thanks afterwards.  Aside from surely not wanting to be denied the pleasure of written discourse with the Editrix herself, if you don’t play nice, you’ll have me to contend with.


Now off with ye scurvy arses!


The Bonny Anne