One thing first - and I use this both as a disclaimer and a warning - the only reason this review is not about "Belief", the story as opposed to "Belief", the sex in the story, is because we are talking about an unfinished work. As in - I am not sure whether or when the story will be completed, but even so, it is more than worth your time.

Well, then, when isn't a good sex scene between a bodacious yet trim blonde and an Amazonian brunette not worth your time? But enough with rhetorical questions.

You know, in retrospect (and I tend to question myself often, a most valuable habit), I have noticed that quite a few of the sex scenes I've mentioned so far have had something... extra to them. As in, something that would bounce off the wall (were you inclined as to try throwing it in such a manner) and could be masked as an artistic candle if your mother were ever to visit unexpectedly.

At this point I would like to point out that I tend to abuse artistic license, meaning - really, I do not speak from experience. At all.

But, back to the subject at hand. What I am talking about, for those of you who might have blundered into this section of my site by mistake, is a dildo. Most of the Hubba-hubba stories I've reviewed so far have one in them. And have put it to good use.

And just so I can mollify the enraged (though waning) Roman Catholic voice within my head, I shall tell you something about the general content of the story before we get to the good stuff.

"Belief" is an Uber angst story.

Ok, good enough.

Now, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the first part, you will get to feast on one of the hottest couplings to be found in such a deceptively depressing story. Don't get me wrong here - "Belief" is one of the finer works I've read which only made it that much more surprising when I came across this delectable piece of smut embedded safely in the middle. No, really. Here we were, all worried cause poor Damian went ahead and ran away into the woods leaving distressed Jules behind to dwell on the unrecognized fragility of spirit of the otherwise ferocious and stoic woman. Heard it all before, right, so did I. And there I was, on autopilot, cruising down the paragraph going "Oh, honey, she'll be back in no time, don't worry your pretty little head about that" (I tend to talk to the characters, you know, get to know them on the first name basis and all that), and all of a sudden - just like I said, mind you - Damian comes back.

So, okay, I'm expecting hugs and kisses and sobbed "I love yous" to fly around and all that jazz, a nice cuddly fire-place scene, something tritely appropriate, when the next thing I know Juliana's already calling Jesus, Mary and Joseph, out loud!

Oh, but fear not, before I have a chance to regroup, retrace the lost train of sexual though, they're already charging full speed ahead! Head? No, not yet, different chapter. Here, however, we do have lots of quality action of the best kind, and you have to hand it to 'Shooter, she knows how to cock 'em. (Okay, that one was bad, even for me, but I claim artistic freedom, and it's my damn site, so I'll leave it as it is.)

Go! Enjoy!


Btw - for anyone offended with anything on this site, I just want to let you all know this was all meant in jest. I mean, why not let a nice, sixty-five year old man have his fun? I am not harming anyone. Granted, that one time I got caught with my binoculars...