Silk & TZ



Works by Silk & TZ were probably the first stories I've read as a young and inexperienced Xena smut reader - back in the day. After you read their stories you will come to realize why I can read a lot of stuff, but only the very best ever find themselves onto this website.

"Agony" is a story of such poetics and beauty it's quite possible you'll convince yourself you're not reading it for the sex. I mean, this is as smutty as they come (heh), and yet you feel almost... elevated in an intellectual manner as you're reading it. It's art, it's beauty, it's poetic and it's really, really hot.

For those curious in the crowd, no, no dildo in this one - it's their first time, fer god's sake!

Wicked hot. And beautiful. Kinda like me, come (heh) to think of it...