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...or "I didn't know how to delete this stupid link from the main page"

Okay. I am going to try and dispel some of the common misconceptions about an average Xena fan:

I like...

* Women (Gee, ya think?)
* Beer (And lots of it too. And no pansy 'light' kind either)
* Red meat
* Women's Soccer (Two words - Brandy Chastaine)
* Meaningless trysts (and I suck at the art of subtle hinting, too)
* Dancing
* Uniforms (Especially draped over the plant, strewn across the living room floor, crumpled next to my bed...)

I don't give a hoot either way about...

* Cars
* Sports (Okay, women's soccer and tennis are exceptions, but I don't watch 'em for sportswomanship, if you catch my drift...)
* Power tools (Unless they're on an Amazonesque woman's tool belt)
* Computer games (Who needs them when you've got fan fic to rot your brain?)
* Melissa Etheridge (Waaaay out of my 'acceptable dating range', so - pffft!)

I *really* don't like...

* People cutting thier nails in public (I've been know to growl at them. I mean, ewww!)
* Mullets (Hello? What's that all about? Can't make up your mind - short - long - or what?)
* Religious zealots (Go plant some trees or something, will ya?)
* Those noisy traffic lights (You know, the kind that go *Zleep!-Zleep!-Zleep!* when it's time to walk. I don't think they could have _possibly_ found a more obnoxous sound)